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Persephone, a story of shadow and light.

Daughter of Demeter, goddess of agriculture and harvests, and of Zeus, she will become the wife of Hades, master of the Underworld, when he falls in love with her and captures her. Zeus, wanting to calm Demeter's anger, will agree with Hades so that his daughter spends 6 months in the Underworld with her husband and the other months of the year with her parents.

The spring renewal is attributed to Persephone when she returns from the kingdom of the Underworld and her mother makes the fields and gardens bloom again.

50% cotton / 50% polyester double layer hoodie

Sizes M L XL XXL
Bust width: 21' 23' 25' 27'
Bust height: 26' 27' 28' 29'

Screen printed in Montreal, offers great durability and extended life.

All sizes are unisex and based on an American template